The PRIDE Digital Curriculum (PDC) provides a consistent and standardized version of foster parent training and an “at-home” alternative to caregivers who are unable to participate in classroom/group training.   

The PRIDE Digital Curriculum evolved from the PRIDE Core (inservice training) modules that have been available in print book form. The Online and CD-ROM versions are a derivative of the same material, with some updates and modifications, contained in each of the nine module’s trainer guides and participant workbooks (PRIDEbooks).

The PRIDE Digital Curriculum online format includes complete tracking and reporting features, user guides and tutorials. Learners can train, work at their own pace, and take personal responsibility by making real-time decisions, navigating activities, and receiving immediate feedback.

Who Can Benefit by Using the PDC?
  • Foster Parents
  • Adoptive Parents
  • Kinship Caregivers
  • Child & Family Service Staff
  • Child & Youth Care Workers
  • Social Workers
  • All Parents
Although the PRIDE Digital Curriculum content is family foster care focused, all parents and caregivers can benefit from using the modules.

To find out more about our PDC, click on the “About Us” tab above, or view our video demonstration below.


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PRIDE Digital Curriculum is now available in both CD-ROM and Online formats. Click on the link below to view our VIDEO DEMO of this fantastic training curriculum for caregivers, agency caseworkers, and social workers.


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